Now. I have decided to do something outside the "normal" variants pages seen on other sites.
Not only have I incorporated variants of the same name, but also those outfits with different names that are only different because of their colours.
Also added are outfits that are entirely different, but have been given the same names.
Was there a name shortage?


Yum Yum

Silverblades variants with Ice Queen (Blue)


Knickerbocker Glory





Missing top, bra used for modesty.


Bees Knees

Dizzy leotards with Swan Lake
(black) practice outfit.

Miss Muffet.
Same name but totally different outfits.

Be Bop skirts with Flossie jacket variants.

Jitterbug and Jive

Note the different coloured lace.

Milkshake and Neat Pleats
Different names but made from the same pattern.

Frou Frou

Turkish Delight

Midsummer Dream
Hard to believe these are dresses, I always thought they were nighties.

Walk-along Daisies
Two of my ultra favourite dolls

These outfits have two different catalogue numbers.
It took me ages to get my first one of these, can't believe I now have five.

Tinkerbell & Red Snug Bug
Made from the same pattern.

Able Seaman
These trousers belong to Able Seaman.
Note the two different types of fastners used.

Angel Delight
Angel Delight was put out on ready dressed dolls in the following colours -
* Brunette - pink
* Blonde - blue
* Auburn - lilac

April Showers
2 variants of April Showers - another of my favourite outfits.
Red dress is harder to find than the blue one.

Wet Weather
The two at either end are April Showers variants.
The other red jacket and hat is Singing in the Rain. Note the only difference is that it has red boots. It also comes with a red leather look bag.
The white and red jacket is Puddleduck.

They should have tights which I don't have.
These outfits came on ready dressed dolls.

Bye Bye Baby
Note the different tartan used.

These dresses came on the ready dressed doll.
I love these dresses simply called "Daisy", plain but sweet.

I just love these also.
The pink & red ones came ready dressed on blondes and the yellow came on the brunette.

Five 'O'
Five 'O' is a very simple design, but effective.
I know of 3 variants. I only have two.

Flossie & Teddy Bear
The two fur outfits are the same but have different colours and names.
Teddy Bear in red fur and Flossie in the pink.

Get Me & Hollywood
Same styles with Get Me in black and Hollywood in the Red.

Hotspur and Licorice Alsorts
Same but different colours.

Hotspur & Leotard
Then there is the leotard in the same colour, pretty cool aye.

Licorice Allsorts and Leotard
Then there is the leotard in the same colour.

A selection of Leotards
The leotards came on ready dressed dizzy daisies. The leotard on the brunette with the bob hairstyle is just a faded version of the one beside it - not a variant.
The plain red one also came in blue & green.
There was also a black one but not sure where it belongs. I don't have the last 3 mentioned

Huckleberry has 4 variants I know of.
People often mistake the blue striped and brown striped as one variant.

Mam'zelle & Spot On
Two velvet mini skirts.
The red is Mam'zelle
The black is Spot On.

A selection of Jackets
Two Derby Day variants on the left.
The center cream jacket is from Havoc and is made in the same style except the pocket differs.
Then we have two Sunday Best variants to the right.

The lovely Mayballs.

Meadowsweet came on the ready dressed dolls in booklet 1.

Short Skirts & Spotty Tops
The 2 pink skirts belong to In the Pink.
Brown skirt belongs to Wrap Up.
The pink spotty top is Sherbert while the red spotty top belongs to Concorde.

There are four variants I know of.
The forth has a navy blue background, which I don't have.

I love these two.
There is also a red jacket named Raindrops. What's that about?

Horse wear
Show jumper in the black boots.
Gymkhana in the brown.
Note the different colour shades of boots.

Sister Kate

The red set took me 4 purchases to complete, as it is harder to get than the green.
Both were originally sold as boxed sets with active dolls.

The Daisy & Spot outfit on the left is a skirt and top, while the optimum version on the right is a dress.

Barittz and St Tropez
I just love these two.

Tam 'O' Shanter
Different coloured tassles.

Tea Dance
One is pale lemon and the other ginger.

Derby Day
These would have to be my favourite outfits of all, as well as the short pink garden party.
I was thrilled when the light pink jacket and beige coloured dress turned up in a bulk lot I was offered.
I'd only ever seen that variant once on another website.

Derby Day Jackets
The jackets to Derby Day. Stunning.
Note the different coloured feathers and hankies.
Pale pink jacket has more of the fabric texture of Garden Party.

Garden Party
The three variants.
Sold on ready dressed dolls on the same coloured haired dolls as shown here.

Garden Party
And then there were 4.
The pink dress on the end is also called Garden Party.
Were they running out of names when they gave an entirely different outfit the same name?

Casbah and Marrakesh
Same outfits, different names, although both have variants.
Casbah also has another blue variant using Tiddlywinks fabric.

Two variants of Clementine.

I only just realised these are two variants.

Sunday Best
Also colour variants I never knew existed until now.

Black Magic
Once again, two completely different outfits with the same name.

The one the brunette is wearing is a duller pink and the jacket is a browny black compared to the bright pink and shiny black the blonde is wearing.

Mustard & Moulin Rouge
Same but different names.

Bobby Sox & Brighton Rock
2 Jersey variants.

Blue Jeans has the red stitching.
Arizona has the orange stitching.
Time Out has the blue stitching.
Easy Rider has the yellow stitching.

All the same style.
Flapper - pink.
Orange Sundae - orange.
Posh - navy blue. Comes with a navy blue jacket also.

2 colour variants of Tango.
Again I only just found out about these.

Wrap Up
Distinctly different coloured jackets, which again I have only just discovered.

Country Cousins

Optimum Dresses

Optimum Striped Dresses

Optimum Dresses