My first three

How it all began...

Growing up I (Michelle not Jason ;-} ) played with Barbie, her sister Skipper and Penny (The Pins and Needles doll from Britain)

Then one day my nextdoor neighbour Sarah came over to show me her new doll.

She was AWESOME and her name was "Daisy"

She was dressed in the blue version of St. Tropez.

I just had to have a Daisy of my own. So I got one.

At first I thought from memory that 'Dotty' was my first Daisy.
This is because I really wanted her lovely red dress and I didn't really want a bride doll. However when I came to buy my Daisy, that was all they had and because the doll was so pretty I got her anyway. Sarah's daisy doll always stuck in my mind, as the outfit 'St Tropez' was so lovely and vibrant in colour.

I now know that my childhood doll with outfit was definately Honeymoon 65033. I have since managed to replace her. Isn't she stunning?

I was always careful with my things as there were four children in our house and we didn't have a lot, so I treasured everything I owned.

I only had a very small Daisy collection that included a red Surf Board and Skate Board set, two Sister Kate outfits, which are one of my favourites to this day. (I had two because I had twin Skippers that fitted the Sister Kate outfits)
I remember having the red velvet choker with a shell or something on it. I now know this to be from the set Ritz. I had this set as I was growing up and have now managed to get again.

When I got married I sold my collection at a school garage sale. I am still kicking myself to this very day.

Michelle and Jason at Sam's wedding.

Jason and Michelle at our
daughter Samantha's wedding.

I thought nothing more of Daisy until the end of 2006, when I was looking on my favourite site ~ TradeMe ~ and I suddenly had this idea to look up Daisy Dolls. I couldn't believe they were there and how expensive they were.

I didn't have much success in winning Daisy, as I never bid high enough until one day I won. I had finally purchased a Daisy, a bit worse for wear, for the legs didn't bend anymore, but I loved her all over again and whats more, she was dressed in "Dotty"

That was in January 2007 and my obsession has manifested since then. My adult collection is a vast contrast compared to my small childhood collection.

The greatest part is that my 2nd husband Jason (been with him since 1995) joined me up to EBay and I have been trading with people all over the world ever since. This has allowed me to get some very rare Daisy items, for which I am rapt.

I have met some lovely, friendly Daisy collectors, most of whom are very helpful.
I must make special mention of my friend Yvette - Many thanks for making my collecting such a success.
Also my friend Rachel who has sold me some wonderful items and has kept things for me till I can afford them.
You have both been a great support to me.

Also my latest Daisy friend Helen who has been a great help and a friendly ear, welcome to the wonderful world of Daisy collecting.

My 30+ collection of Daisy Dolls
I now have 42 Daisy dolls plus Amy (Daisy's best friend). This includes 12 Dashing Daisies, four Dizzy Daisies and two Optimum range standard Daisies. Apart from the standard blondes I have two red or auburn haired and four brunettes. I have two 3 wigged daisies and one walk along. (Only 33 pictured)

I also have three Daisy Long Legs dolls.
They make Daisy look so tiny !

This site is a showcase of my private collection. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to email me.

If you have anything Daisy you would like to part with, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.