Optimum Furniture adds that extra level to items, offering colour and sticker variations.

Daisy Lounge

Daisy Table and Chairs

Daisy Deck Chair

Daisy Bath

Green optimum bed

Garden Furniture by TOLTOYS. Poor old box, but mint inside.

The box of the wardrobe is a bit wrecked, however the wardrobe itself is in excellent condition. The dresser of the same colour is in excellent condition, although I do not have the box for it. I would like the outfit worn on the box.

Beds could be purchased on card like this, however they did not come with bedding.

I have two of these. One was a wee bit damaged, so my daughter plays with it.

This is in absolute mint condition, a very lucky find.

Two wonderful sets of Patio outdoor furniture.

This set has lovely green glasses. I am missing a few items. Check my Most Wanted page.